TECKSCAPE provides internships spanning various industries and domains. TECKSCAPE provides hands-on experience for students seeking to complete their industrial training. The internships normally span 4-6 weeks providing hands-on experience that provides students with ever-updating knowledge in a particular topic.

The internship offered TECKSCAPE will also supplement the daily work with assignments and project work related to their field. Finally, a valued certificate will be commemorated for those who demonstrate excellence.

By Language
  • Php Projects
  • Java projects
  • IOS Projects
  • Matlab Projects
  • Web Based
  • MySql Based
  • Mobile App
By Domain
  • Data Mining
  • Business Intelligence
  • .Net Projects
  • Information Security
  • Smart Card / Biometrics
  • Cloud Computing Projects
By Branch
  • Civil Engg
  • Mechanical Engg
  • Electrical Engg
  • Thermal Engg
  • Aeronautical Engg
  • Production Engg
  • Industrial Engg